• SCADALink Locator Mobile
    Introducing our FREE LSD / DLS, BC NTS to Lat/Long conversion service with Google Maps integration. Optimized for Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry.
  • SCADALink Locator
    Find wellsite locations anywhere in the four Western Provinces of Canada using LSD / DLS, BD NTS, UWI and Lat / Lon.
  • Coordinate Conversion
    Convert between DLS/LSD, BCNTS, UWI and Lat/Long using standard surveyed grid points.
  • Location Management
    Create, read, update and delete locations in a searchable database.
  • Google Maps Integration
    View Google Maps with plotted locations created from converted coordinates or locations stored in the database.
  • GPS Coordinate Files
    Industry standard GPX format and Garmin GPI format for use with mobile GPS applications and devices.
  • GIS and GPS Applications
    Garmin nRoute, Garmin Mobile PC, Google Earth, ESRI ArcGIS Explorer and others.

The SCADALink Locator is a cost-effective solution that converts LSD to-and-from Latitude (Lat) / Longitude (Long). It integrates seamlessly with Google Maps, Garmin nRoute and Garmin Mobile PC for GPS mapping.

1. Converts LSD / DLS, BC NTS or UWI to Latitude/Longitude

2. Displays the converted Lat/Long on top of standard mapping such as Google Maps and Garmin

3. Allows users to manage and share well information

Click on the video to the left to view a video walkthrough of the SCADALink Locator.

For more information about maps click this: Creating a Google Map with Locations

The SCADALink Locator is useful for businesses that need to find and travel to remote sites designated by LSD or other coordinates. It assists the user in converting various coordinates and displaying the location on popular mapping and GPS tools. Typical applications include Oil & Gas Operations, Oil & Gas Field Service, Engineering, Agriculture, Forestry and Surveying.

Well site locations are identified by DLS (Dominion Land Survey – typically known as LSD) coordinates in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan or Manitoba and by NTS coordinates in BC.

For example, 5-33-54-14W5 is an LSD name located within this DLS grid.

Traditionally, given the LSD for a wellsite location, to find the actual site, personnel must:

  • Refer to maps with DLS grid
  • Utilize internal corporate GIS system to print a map of the specific location
  • Phone someone else who is familiar with the location and receive exact turn by turn directions

These methods are not always convenient and readily available.

With the SCADALink Locator, finding locations is made much easier. The SCADALink Locator is an affordable PC based software that allows you to convert any LSD location in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan or Manitoba into a corresponding latitude / longitude coordinate with one-click.

Then, simply click on the "Map" button and the Locator will automatically transfer the translated coordinate into popular mapping solutions (Google Maps, Garmin nRoute and Garmin Mobile PC) where you are given step-by-step directions to your destination.

Additionally, the SCADALink Locator allows you to permanently store and manage an unlimited number of wells and well information on your PC. Location information can be synched with a central database so that everyone in the company has the most up-to-date information.