• SCADALink TISC-485 Industrial DIN-Rail Mounted Optically Isolated
    RS232 to RS485 Converter, Class I Div 2.


The SCADALink TISC-485 is an isolated DIN Rail Mount RS232 to RS485 Converter designed for industrial application. It features both RS232 and USB Input and isolated RS485 and RS232 outputs.

The TISC-485 following features:

  • USB LOI Override
  • RS232 and RS485 Outputs
  • Terminal Block Connections
  • Isolated Outputs

SCADALink TISC-485_Web

USB LOI Override Function

The USB LOI override function allows dedicated access to RS-485 multi-drop bus when the USB is connected. This allows a Technician maintenance access to the connected RS-485 devices without removing or changing field wiring. The USB connection also allows technicians to perform maintenance tasks using modern laptops which lack physical serial (RS-232) Ports.

                                                          SCADALink TISC-485_Web_LOI

Simultaneous RS485 and RS232 Output

Allows flexibility in SCADA Installations where both RS-485 and RS-232 instruments need to be interfaced without adding extra converters or serial splitters.

                                                          SCADALink TISC-485_Web_RS232RS485Output

RS232 / RS485 Connection on Terminal Blocks

Terminal Block connections allow simple solderless field wiring by field and shop staff and allow the use of industrial cable and wire gauges from 12-30 AWG.

                                                          SCADALink TISC-485_Web_TerminalBlockConnection




Feature & Specs


  • Industrial RS-232 to RS-485 Converter
  • USB Input Port – USB Override
  • Terminal Block Field Connections
  • DIN Rail Mount


Input Power10 to 30 VDC – 200mA Max, 1W Avg
Baud Rate1200 – 115,200 (Selectable)
Input (COM1)
RS-232:Tx, Rx, GND, RTS (Screw Terminals)
USB:Standard USB B-Type (Drivers)
Output (COM2)
RS-232: Tx, Rx, GND, RTS (Screw Terminals)
RS-485:2-Wire or 4 Wire (Selectable)
Termination 120 Ohms (Selectable)
Mounting35mm DIN-rail
Dimensions99m(L) x 23mm(W) x 116mm(H)
Temperature -40 to 70C
CertificationClass I Div 2, Group C, D T3C Suitable for Use in Class 1 Zone 2, IIB T3C







Connect to Flow Computers and Smart Instruments with RS485 Connections

Use TISC to connect devices with RS485 connectivity to SCADA or Master Controller. LOI override function allows programming an maintenance of devices without disconnection.

TISC_EFMTISC_Cameron Scanner 2000Fisher_ROC


Connectivity for Long Multidrop RS485 Runs, Multidrop EFM and Smart Instruments

Isolated RS485 protects plant from surges and prevents grounding issues.

SatSCADA_Water System   TISC--flow-computer-field


Wellsite SCADA Installations, Multi-Well Pad Instrumentation and Plant Instrumentation










TISC-485 Datasheet







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