RF Path Study

Bentek Systems provides RF Path Study and On-site Path Analysis to help establish reliable communications for your SCADA or Telemetry application.

As manufacturers and providers of modems and radios, Bentek Systems has an unparalleled expertise in the area of wireless communications. Our abundance of RF and wireless communication experience provides us with insight and foresight that ensure our designs provide the most reliable communication links.

Path calculation and test results are used to help select a reliable communication path for a clients’ application by optimizing the following:

  • Communications technology (UHF, Spread Spectrum, 3G, 4G, IDEN or Satellite)
  • Repeater requirements
  • Antenna/tower heights
  • Antenna type and gain


Path Studies Applications

Examples of Cellular CDMA, IDEN and licensed and license-free communications coverage maps are shown below. Such coverage maps are used to compare various RF solutions and to select the optimum one.

Coverage Maps

Cell Coverage - Telus

Cellular Coverage Map


License Coverage Map


Path Profile

Path Study