• Solar-Power SystemsComplete Class I DIV 2 remote solar power systems approved for hazardous locations.


Industrial Solar-Power Systems: Remote Power Systems

Bentek Systems provides complete remote power systems ranging from small power systems for instrumentation to large remote power systems for telecommunications sites.

Our complete remote power systems include solar panels, battery backup systems, solar regulators, AC inverters systems, equipment enclosures and system mounting.

Power supply voltages can range from 12 VDC, 24 VDC, and 48 VDC. For sites with AC requirements, 120 VAC inverter systems are supplied.

System mounting can be designed to be modular for remote sites with Helicopter or ATV access only. Portable mounts can be provided for applications where temporary site power is required.

1600 Watt – 24 VDC at Telecommunication Site

50 Watt – 12 VDC for Gas Well Flow Measurement Site

400 Watt – 24 VDC at Oil Field RTU Site

Mobile Solar Power




Features & Specs

  • Solar Panels / Arrays
  • Regulator / Wiring
  • Battery & Battery Enclosure
  • Optional Class I Div 2 Approval




  • Instrumentation
  • Electronic Flow Measurement
  • Remote Monitoring/RTU Sites
  • Telecommunication



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