• Remote Internet SystemsCellular and satellite-based remote internet access for Industrial Applications.


Remote Cellular / Satellite Internet Systems: Internet Access for Industrial Application

With the pervasiness of high speed EVDO-REVA cellular service, cellular internet is a cost-effective alternative for remote site internet connectivity. With cellular towers in close proximity, there may be no requirement for costly antenna towers to achieve reliable cellular communications. Where there is no alternative internet services, satellite internet can be utilized.

Bentek Systems provides cellular-based internet for remote sites. With cellular speeds of 400k up and 800k down with low latency times, cellular internet is ideal for applications that utilize Remote Computing (Citrix and Remote Desktop).

For satellite systems, we offer dedicated bandwidth or shared bandwidth with speeds of 64k to 1Mbit up and down.

In order to obtain maximum reliability and speed of wireless internet service; Bentek Systems installs external YAGI antennaes and cellular boosters at remote sites to increase signal strength.

In addition, WiFi Routers are installed to allow multiple computers internet access. We provide your operations with the most reliable remote internet system in the industry.

Features & Specs

Features & Specs

  • High Speed Cellular Data Packages available
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet Connectivity
  • 802.11 Wireless LAN Option
  • TNC Antenna Connections allow remote antenna options
  • Comes installed on rack mountable tray or in rugged enclosure
  • Always-On/Auto-Restored Internet Link
  • Provides Internet where there is an absence of cellular coverage
  • Multiple data plans available
  • Comes installed on rack mountable tray or in rugged enclosure



  • Internet connectivity for worksite trailers or buildings
  • Remote Video Monitoring to provide additional security for area workers or sensitive equipment
  • Data Acquisition/Control Equipment
Example of a remote work camp location Example of site setup application of a remote setup