• SCADALink 420DIndustrial 4 x 20 Display Keypad


SCADALink 420D

The SCADALink 420D 4 x 20 Display Keypad is designed for Industrial Applications where there is a requirement to display sensor readings to an operator.

The 420D small size, IP66 rating, wide temperature range operation,  and low power operation makes it ideal for remote SCADA, RTU, Automation and Industrial IoT applications.

The SCADALink 420D allows instant access to sensors reading without the use of a laptop or smart phone.  Scrolling display values on the 4 x 20 OLED display allow reading of primary parameters without the removal of gloves. Use of the 420D’s keypad allows menu selection and parameter changes.

The 420D is easily mounted  in control panels by simply punching or drilling a 1″ round hole.  The 420D can be mounted on the control panel door or on a inside swing plate.


420D ASCII Terminal Support for SAT1xx devices.

SCADALink SAT1xx Terminals (SAT100, SAT110, SAT120, and SAT140) all support use of the 420D as a local display by simply selecting one of its serial port as a ASCII Terminal. The 420D will provide operator  display and configuration of parameters monitored by the SAT1xx device.

420D Modbus

The 420D-Modbus version can be used to interface to devices supporting Modbus RTU Slave Protocol. The 420D is a easy to deploy display solution for remote PLC, and RTU systems.


The 420D can be supplied with a USB interface cable to allow it to communicate to USB port of the SAT140, Industrial Computers, of IoT devices.


The 420D Bluetooth connectivity allows users to connect to the 420D from a laptop or smartphone using Bluetooth Connection with a Terminal Emulation Utility to view  parameters displayed on the 420D at distances up to 100′ away.

Alarm LED / Buzzer

The 420D has integral ALARM LED and Buzzer that can be utilized to alert the operator of Alarm Conditions.


  • Size: 4″ x 3″ x 1″
  • Power: 5-30 VDC
  • Environmental:   NEMA4
  • Classification:      Class I Div 2 Pending
  • Connections:        2 x RS232/RS485,  Bluetooth


The 420D and 420D Modbus can be used in Remote Industrial Applications where there is a requirement for a rugged simple to use ASCII HMI interface for Remote PLC, RTU, and IoT Systems.

Frequently the lack of a local operator interface makes remote PLC, RTU, and IoT systems difficult to use and even harder to troubleshoot. The 420D is an simple to use and easy to deploy remote field operator interface.

The 420D with the SAT1xx Modem provides a complete remote configurable operator interface to any Modbus RTU Slave compatible RTU and PLC.