Radio systems  must be deployed with the proper antenna systems including antenna, cable, lightning protection, and mast/towers. This section  describes selection of antenna systems.

Radio and Cellular Modems can operate in the following bands – VHF, UHF (hi and low), Spread Spectrum, WiFi.

Antenna Impedance

Antenna are typically 50 Ohm Impedance.

 VHF 130 – 200 MHz Voice Communication, Licensed radio
 UHF 400 MHz Licensed Radio
 Spread Spectrum 902 – 928 MHz License Free Application
 WiFi 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, a, b, g, n
 5.8 GHz n, ac
 Cellular 700 MHz LTE / Data / Voice
 800 MHz / 900 MHz Data / Voice
 1700 MHz / 2100 MHz AWS
 1900 MHz / 2600 MHz Data / Voice

Antenna Types

Omni Base Station Antenna

Omni-directional base station antennas systems are used for fixed site applications where a central or repeater site must communicate to remote sites in multiple (omni) directions.  For systems covering wider areas, the base station antenna would be mounted on an elevated mast or tower. For systems covering  shorter distances low gain omni antennas may be used.

Omni Antenna KIT  

Directional Antenna

Directional (typically YAGI) station antennas are used for fixed or portable sites to communicate to Master site or Repeater site in a Point to Multipoint Systems, or for Point to Point Systems. Antennas are mounted on masts or tower to clear terrain obstructions.  The directional antenna can be  YAGI, reflectors, or parabolic dishes. Antennas for areas with severe icing may require radomes on the complete antenna or the driven element.

YAGI Antenna - Right Direction   YAGI Antenna Pattern

Mag Mount Antenna

Mag mount antennas are used for mobile  or short distance fixed site applications. Mag mount antennas with no ground planer design if mounted on non-metallic equipment to insure adequate ground plane.

SAT130 CELL Antenna with Mounting Plate and Cable02   


Whip antennas are connect directly on devices  for testing to communicate within a laboratory or shop. Whip antennaes are not recommended fixed site installation where the antenna can be obstructed by buildings, vehicles,  equipment or enclosures.

Basic WHIP Antennas Cell     Basic WHIP Antennas Cell_Wifi      Basic WHIP Antennas Cell_GPS   SAT120 Cell GEN Antenna

Specialty Antennae

Specialty antennas including  in-ground, flush mount, or multi-band antennas may be used.

In-Road Antenna Installation

In Road Antenna  Manhole-Lid-Antenna

In Road Antenna - Example


1.400 MHz Antennas
ItemPart No.DescriptionNote
1ASY 307 UHFRugged antenna suitable for UHF SCADA system radios. 403-430 MHz, 10 dB gain, Supplied with a N(F) connector on the lead lin.


1BANT-PRO403-12The PRO403-12 is engineered to meet or exceed the requirements of a broadband, high gain, Professional Grade 400 MHz Yagi antenna. 403-430 MHz, 12 dBi gain, 250W, with a VSWR of 1.5:1 or less.







2.Spread Spectrum Antennas
ItemPart No.DescriptionNote
2AANT-PC9013N13 Element design, 13 dB Gain, Aluminium construction, Supplied with N(F) connector on the lead line. 13 Element design, 13 dB Gain, Aluminium construction, Supplied with N(F) connector on the lead line.Link
2B ANT-LAIRD-PC906N The PC906N Yagi antenna is suitable for use with SCADA system radios that operate in the unlicensed 896-940 MHz frequency range. 6 Element design, 8.5 dB Gain, Aluminum construction, Supplied with N(F) connector on the lead line. Link
2CANT-PC904NThe PC904N Yagi antenna is suitable for SCADA system radios that operate in the unlicensed 896-940 MHz frequency range. 4 Element design, 6 dB gain, Aluminium Construction, Supplied with N(F) connector on lead line.Link
2D ANT-TRA9023Nwide bandwidth and low radiation pattern for superior results. Exterior is made of highest grade plastic. No ground plane is required. 902-928 MHz, 3dB gain, 100W, with N Female Terminated connector.




3.Cellular Antenna
ItemPart No.DescriptionNote
3AANT-WIL-DUALBAND-CELLWide-band directional YAGI antenna. 698-960 / 1710-2700 MHz, Cell 8-10db Dual Band, 8.5 Avg / 9.5 Peak dBi, Low Band: 100-109 Horiz, 65 Vert, Connector N-Female.
3BANT-LAIRD-TRA6927Antenna Phantom , Omnidirectional, 3G/4G/LTE, no ground plane, Connector N-Female.
3D SY406 The SY 406 Yagi antenna is suitable for SCADA systems operating with cellular modems in 824-896 MHz frequency range. Rugged 7 Element design, Aluminium reflector/director elements with 360° welds, Black anodised for extended life and superior performance in heavy ice or snow covered conditions, 10 dB Gain, Supplied with a N(F) connector.Link
3E PC806NThe PC806N Yagi antenna is suitable for cellular modems operating on SCADA systems in the 806-866 MHz range. 6 Element design, 8.5 dB Gain, Aluminium construction, Supplied with N(F) connector Link



4.WiFi Antenna
ItemPart No.DescriptionNote
4AANT-WIFI-WLAN-DUALBANDDual Band Stubby Antenna, Omnidirectional, WiFi / Wlan Antenna. 2400-2500/5150 MHZ, 2.5±0.5 dBi Gain, Connector N Male.




Installation Examples

Antenna Installation







Cabling & Accessories

Antenna Cabling and Accessories more details…

Antenna Cabling and Accessories


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