Proper Control of tank level is important to ensure adequate levels for Frac Operations.

Low levels can cause improper frac operations. High tank levels can cause overflows and spills at the frac site.

Level control of staging operations has frequently been done by an operator at the tank end monitoring levels and relaying the flow rate / speed adjustments to a pump operator at the pit end over 2 way radio communications.

SCADALINK PumpMate systems can be deployed to monitor and control Frac Tank Levels.

A PumpMate node at the Tank end is used to monitor the tank levels. The tank level is transmitted over the wireless PumpMate network to a PumpMate node at the pit.

Level Control to 0.1 foot

Tank level control using PID control is used to control the speed (rate) of the Pump at the Pit or AST end to maintain constant tank level.  0.1 foot level control can be maintained using PID control of pumps.


If the tank level becomes too high or too low for any reason, an alarm beacon flashes to alert both the pump operator and tank operator of the alarm condition. They can view actual condition on the screen at each end and take appropriate action.

FLASHING LiGHT  (tank video and put on screen.

The use of the PumpMate can provide improved level control, provide real time monitoring to ensure safe and responsive operation.




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