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SCADALink A-485 4-20ma to Modbus Adapter Ideal for Low Power RTU Applications

The SCADALink A-485 4-20ma to Modbus RS485 Adapter is designed for use in Battery and Solar Powered applications that require low power operation. The A-485 Converter enables low power connectivity to a single 4-20ma input by providing controlled 24 VDC loop power and sampling I/O sampling only when polled by Modbus. This  is ideal for battery or low power operation, while allowing use of industrial 4-20ma instrumentation.

The A-485 can be used for expandng of I/O to legacy RTU applications. The low power operation and small size of the A-485 may allow legacy RTU systems to be upgraded without need for adding additional solar and battery power.

The A-485 can also be ideal for remote applications requiring a single point of I/O as it can be used directly with a radio, cellular, or satellite modem.