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Combining Cellular and Unlicensed 900 MHz Wireless for Critical Control Applications

In Pumping Applications, frequently there is need to transmit analog (4-20ma) or digital level sensor signals from a tank location to the pump locations for purposes of pump control.  900 Mhz wireless technology is most commonly used for these I/O Mirroring or I/O Telemetry applications.

In these applications,  distance between the pump and the tank can range from 100’s of yards to 5+ miles. In longer distance applications, terrain, foliage, or man-made structures can often prevent a reliable wireless communications path. Reliable communications is required to prevent tank overflow and/or pump shutdowns depending on how the pump control is implemented.

SCADALink RIO900 repeaters may be deployed or an alternative wireless communications technologies such as cellular can be used. The SCADALink RIO900 can be configured to utilize a redundant communication channels on one of its serial port interfaces.  The use of cellular communications on the RIO900 can help ensure reliable control operations as cellular may have better RF path due the height of the cellular towers.  For mobile or portable pumping applications, the dual communications feature can be invaluable.