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I/O Telemetry Using Satellite Based Communications

I/O Telemetry Technology is frequently used to transmit server digital (ON/OFF) or analog (4-20ma) signals between remote sites for remote control (i.e. Pump Control) or public safety signalling(i.e. Traffic, Flood, or Avalanche Warning) applications. I/O Telemetry systems are typically implemented as a point to point communications between the 2 sites via licensed or unlicensed radio.

There are times though where terrestrial communications methods such as hard wire, licensed and unlicensed radio or even cellular may be not practical or available.

In these situations,  I/O Telemetry Systems can be implemented with Satellite-based Communications using the SCADALink SatSCADA Platform. A satellite-based system deployment can eliminate the need for the construction of antenna towers or installation of repeater systems thus minimizing design and construction costs. I/O Telemetry via the SatSCADA Platform provides a mirroring of I/O signals.

I/O Telemetry using SatSCADA Platform… see more


Public Safety Warning

Warning signs for Flood, Avalanche or Road Hazard Signals may be turned on remotely. For example, a mobile flood warning sign warns drivers of the hazard partially flooded road erosion caused by torrential rain.