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Remote Generator Monitoring and Control

Mobile Diesel Backup Generator for Office Building

Gas, Diesel, Natural Gas, and Propane Generators are seeing more pervasive use to provide emergency AC power during weather, fire, and flood emergencies.

Emergency Backup AC Power

Emergency Backup AC power is needed to provide backup power for critical AC loads at homes, offices, businesses, plants or telecommunication sites when grid AC power is lost due to weather emergencies.

Mobile AC Power

Mobile and Portable Generators may be deployed to power temporay equipment such as Pumps, and Lights.

Remote Monitoring and Control

For both Backup and Portable Generator applications, there is need for Remote Monitoring and Control.

Remote Monitoring is required to insure that backup power system is ready and available in case of emergency. Alarm Notification is required to alert personnel when an Generator is energized or has failed or is low on fuel.

Generator can be remotely control at remote unattended sites.

Remote could be as short distances as 100′ from a generator skid to the nearest electrical room for a plant or business. In these situations a Wireless I/O remote control solution could be utilized to monitor and control the generator versus running addition control wiring.

Alternately the Remote Monitoring and Control could be halfway across the continent and state for large Enterprise operations such a Telecom Company or Pipeline Company. In these situations, SatSCADA can be deployed.