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Remote Industrial Video Surveillance

The rapid increasing use of Camera Technology in all aspects of personal, commercial, and industrial technology has made this technology smaller, cheaper,  more powerful, and more rugged.  This also leads to increase opportunity for industrial use.

Cameras are another form of sensor that can be monitored automatically or manually by a user. Use of Onboard and Remote Video Analytics can automatically derive sensor readings.  User viewing of image or video can be used for remote reading of manual gauges or gauge boards, and for remote site patrol.








Video Analytics for Automatic Sensor Reading

Video Analytics or Image Analysis technologies can be used for Automatic Sensor Readings.  For example:

  • Temperature can be read using Thermal Cameras
  • Remote Gauges can be read by Image Analysis on Dial Position or Character Recognition
  • Object Detection can be used to detect Presence and Position of Equipment, Process Condition, or Levels.
  • AI Image Analysis techniques can be used to Classify Objects for sorting or recognition applications.

Remote Reading of Manual Gauges

The ability to view image and videos remotely can used to remote read manual Gauges. This can be a cost effective alternative upgrade to electronic instrumentation in legacy plant operations with mechanical and pneumatic instrumentation where upgrade to electronic instrumentation is too expensive. In critical applications such a flood warning  remote image and live stream views can augment sensor based monitoring.


Remote Site Patrols

The use of video cameras in a remote monitoring or SCADA system can augment or even reduce the frequency for onsite visits.   Remote image views of sites can help ensure higher levels of environmental and safety compliance.

SatSCADA for Remote Industrial Video Surveillance

SatSCADA integrates both traditional sensor monitoring and video monitoring in a powerful simple to use platform. Capture and transmission of still and video imagery is supported by SatSCADA. SatSCADA supporting radio, satellite, and cellular technologies ensures connectivity in the most remote locations.

Video Surveillance Integration in PumpMate

Video Surveillance is now supported in our SCADALink PumpMate for water transfer automation.  Video monitoring can help assist in operations monitoring and  worker safety.