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Satellite Based Communications Enables Tank Level Monitoring

In a recent application for a Rural Water System in Northern California, satellite communication helped achieve remote connectivity from a water storage tank site despite the site being surrounded by large redwood trees. Satellite based communications allowed easy deployment once line of site from the remote site to the satellite has determined. No large antenna structure was required. …see Application Note

Satellite Communications Superior to  Cellular/Radio for Remote Applications

In this application and other recent applications have it has been found that satellite based remote monitoring systems help alleviate potential troublesome intermittent communications in areas where there is limited terrestrial coverage. Reliable satellite based communications ensure on-time and on-budget remote monitoring systems implementation with lower chance of unexpected costs.  Frequently in  implementation of cellular based systems at sites with marginal paths, that much time may be expended to troubleshoot or improve intermittent cellular communications.  Large antenna structures may be needed. For these instances, satellite based systems can often be the best or only solution.