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SCADA Moments

I wanted to share some interesting SCADA pictures.

When is the Gardener coming?

Remote Monitoring - RTU Covered with Grass

Remote Monitoring - Field Service - RTU Covered with Grass

I thought I was supposed to working onshore?


How many fish have we caught today?

Sensor covered by Ice       

Perhaps we should wait until spring.

Deep Snow

Deep Snow and Argo


Hey, I can easily access the SCADA System from a Mobile Device…..Never mind …F#!$ it.

In Canada, equipment operation at low temperatures is a common concern. Conversely, in the Southern US,  equipment operation at high temperatures is the concern. Recently I was in West Texas attempting to view Site Status using an IPhone and then an IPad that I had left in a hot vehicle and encountered the following.  On the same day we also found that LCDs on instruments mounted in direct sunlight could not be read midday due to the heat causing the LCD crystals to go dark at high temperatures.