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PSC-24 Provides Stable 24VDC Control Power for Mobile Equipment

PSC 24 12 to 24vdc dinThe SCADALink PSC-24 DC to DC Converter is frequently used as a power conditioner to power PLC and Controllers used Mobile Equipment such as Pumps & Generators.

Mobile Equipment typically utilize 12/24 VDC Battery Systems charged by an alternator. PLC and Controller Equipment typically run directly off the 12/24VDC power system.

PLC and Controllers systems can be affected by voltage droops caused by cranking or by noisy DC power from alternator systems.

Voltage droops can cause PLC/controllers to restart or halt causing Pump or Generator shutdowns. Voltage droops can cause low supply voltage on 4-20ma Loops causing improper I/O readings causing improper control operation including shutdowns, unstable control, and incorrect process setpoints.

Noisy DC Power can often cause unstable, erratic, and noisy Analog Input Channels.

In addition, many PLC, Controllers, and Instruments are designed to run on 24 VDC Power and cannot operate or operate unreliably on 12 VDC power sources.  The PSC-24 can be used to provide stable 24VDC power from existing 12 to 24 VDC Battery Systems on Mobile Equipment.