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SCADALink SCADAConnect to Replace Failed or Obseleted SCADA Communications Links

The SCADALink SatConnect Gateway is designed to provide instant secure Remote SCADA Communications Connectivity to any site anywhere.

Restore Failed or Obseleted SCADA Communications Links

Use SCADAConnect to restore failed or obseleted SCADA Communications Links be it lease lines, radio, microwave, or cell.

Connect Remote Sites Outside Remote Network

Use SCADAConnect to connect Remote Sites outside your existing SCADA Communication Networks.

Point to Multipoint

Connect any site to any other site.  Operations Centers, Control Rooms, Remote Sites, Mobile Sites.

Wireless Technologies

Integration of Internet, Radio, Cellular, and Satellite Technologies enable cost effective connectivity anywhere.

Ethernet or Serial Connectivity

SatConnect Gateway can provide Ethernet and Serial Connectivity from any site to any other site.

10/100 Base T, RS485, RS232, BEL202

Industrial Protocols

SCADAConnect will support all Industrial Protocols and Devices

Ethernet IP, AB-Ethernet, DNP3.0, BacNet, Modbus TCP, Modbus ASCII, Modbus RTU, FTP

Industrial Devices 

Connect all devices – PLC, RTU, Smart Instruments, Data Loggers, SCADA Hosts, HMI, Industrial Computer,  Building Management Systems, Security Alarm Systems, Video Surveillance Systems.

Plug and Play

SCADAConnect comes completely packaged and tested and ready for operation; and ready for rapid deploy.

Secure Private IP Network

SCADAConnect uses secure Private IP Networks and VPN Networking to ensure security.