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SCADALink SPL4-TB — RS232 Splitter

4 Port RS232 Splitter for Industrial Applications

SPL4-TB RS232 Splitter

In Industrial  SCADA Application like Oil and Gas, Pipelines, Power Systems, and Water Systems there is often the need to connect multiple RS232 devices (i.e. RTU, PLC, Electronic Flow Meters, & Power Meters) in a multidrop configuration connecting to a modem or SCADA Master device. RS232 Splitters such the SCADALink SPL3 and SPL4 can be used in these cases where devices are located within the same panel and area.

The SCADALink SPL4 RS232 Splitter has enhanced features for Industrial Applications. Terminal Block Connections allow direct wiring to PLC, RTU, EFM devices without the need to make custom DB9/DB25 serial  cables.  2 Input Ports (DB9 and Terminal Blocks) allows multiple SPL4s to be easily wired in parallel, allowing an SPL4 to expanded from 4 to 8,12.. ports when more than 4 Ports are required.

The newly released SPL4-TB  RS232 Splitter along with the widely used SPL3 RS232 Splitter is ideal for Oil and Gas / Pipeline Applications where Class I Div 2 Certification and DIN Rail Mounting is required.

SPL3 RS232 Splitter