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Starlink for SCADA & Remote Monitoring

With the rapid advent of the Starlink Satellite Network, Starlink is seeing increasing use for SCADA & Remote Monitoring applications where there are no reliable terrestrial communications such as DSL, fiber, or cellular.

With its high bandwidth and unlimited data at a relatively low cost,  Starlink is becoming an alternative satellite communications technology vs VSAT, BGAN, or Iridium satellite solutions.  A advantage of Starlink compared to VSAT solutions is the low deployment cost as the result of small size and autopointing technolgy. No specially trained satellite technicians are required to point the antenna system.  The unlimited data plans make Starlink deployments affordable compared to BGAN and Iridium satellite solutions.

Starlink being a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite system will have better coverage in rugged terrain with southerly obstructions compared to Geosynchroneous (GEO) satellite systems in areas where Starlink coverage is deployed.

The SCADAlink SatConnect Gateway integrates Starlink and Cellular communications technology in a rapid deploy solution ideal for remote Industrial Applications such as Oil and Gas; Mining; and Industrial Plants.