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Upgrade of VoIP Phone System Improves Field to Office Communication


We upgraded to the TELUS Business Connect VoIP phone system from a legacy VoIP system in order to reduce maintenance and operating costs; and to improve call quality. We  were pleasantly surprised by the improvement provided by this upgrade and wanted to share this with my Industry colleagues, especially those whose operations rely on high degree of mobile connectivity such as those in Oil and Gas Services.

Our legacy VoIP system was a mashup of  VoIP Hardware/Software,  Internet Access, and Telco Phone Lines from separate vendors. We had found that this legacy solution had higher maintenance requirements and operating costs than was available in the current market place.  After review of options, we chose TELUS Business Connect.  TELUS Business Connect is based on RingCentral VoIP Platform.  Your local telecom provider may have  the same on similar VoIP solutions.

Cost Savings, Higher Uptime, and Increase Reliability

TELUS Business Connect is a complete single vendor Cloud based VoIP solution.  All connectivity is in the Cloud. There is no VoIP Server hardware at located at our office.   TELUS Business Connect could be scaled based on the number of team members/lines.  In addition, with a single vendor offering, TELUS Business Connect would be a single point of contact for phone system technical support. Previously when we had telephone system problems we would have to contact either the VoIP Hardware/Software Provider, the Internet Provider, or even the Telco to determine the cause.

Connect Team Members via a Single Number

TELUS Business Connect’s VoIP phone system supports both VoIP hardware and  soft phones.  Softphones can operate on IPhone, Android based Smartphones, and Tablets, Laptops, and Desktops. With Business Connect, each user can have multiple VoIP handsets and soft phones associated with a single number.  Using TELUS Business Connect App on a smartphone, users can be reached on their office number if they out of their  office;  in the field, at customer sites, or at their home office via the same number.

Improve Field Communication

The Auto-Reconnect feature of the TELUS Business Connect VoIP phone systems makes for effective Field to Office Communications.  Business Connect automatically reconnects when a link drops, so there is no need to redial. This can be a godsend when field personnel needs to be connected to clients or team member during lengthy field commissioning sessions.

Another benefit of TELUS Business Connect for is the online directory  so you can easily connect to colleagues when your out of office.

The Telus Business Connect operates reliably over Starlink network, providing mobile voice communications in remote area not covered by cellular.