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Satellite Communications Delivers High Value in Industrial Applications

Satellite Communication - SAT100

Recent field experience with the SatSCADA Platform operating on the geosynchronous Inmarsat based Satellite Communications network has proven it to be valuable in industrial applications. It can provide connectivity for remote fixed site applications without reliable terrestrial communications; and provide ubiquitous connectivity in mobile applications. In these applications satellite connectivity was used as the sole link, or in a redundant configuration with cellular connectivity.

Connectivity and Increased Reliability for Fixed Site Applications SAT130 Solar RTU

For remote fixed site applications, the use of satellite can help improve the reliability of the field data communication. Terrestrial communications technology like private radio systems or cellular unavailable or  be unreliable due to the terrain and foliage obstructions, or due to lack of coverage.  Use of SatSCADA satellite connectivity can reduce system deployment costs as radio towers were not  required. The small size of SatsSCADA Terminal facilitated rapid deployment and simple field installation.

Field services costs and time were reduced  due to the elimination of  the need to troubleshoot site communications problems due to unreliable terrestrial communications.  Comparative experience with remote sites found field services for communications troubleshooting for satellite connected sites were nil compared to terrestrial means. SatSCADA RTU Packages



Ubiquitous Coverage for Mobile Application

For applications with Mobile and Portable equipment such as used in well testing, water transfer, chemical injection and bulk fuel/chemical delivery;  Satellite combined with Cellular connectivity can enable near 100% ubitiqous coverage; and allow for rapid deployment. Field experience has shown that satellite connectivity helps ensure reliable connectivity in areas of marginal cell coverage. Reliable connectivity for mobile applications is especially important in Oil and Gas Services where operations are frequently in areas that have limited or no cellular coverage.

Industrial Iot Gateway-Well Testing & Gas Delivery Remote Transaction Logging


Benefits of satellite communications for mobile applications include improved real-time access of field operations, improved data accuracy and reporting.  Satellite connectivity can provide more timely invoicing where delivery volumes are required.

About SatSCADA

The SatSCADA Platform include the SAT100, SAT110, SAT120, and SAT130 Terminals connected to the SatSCADA Cloud Based SCADA Server.