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SCADALink Locator Enterprise for Oilfield Site Information Managment

SCADALink Locator Enterprise is a Cloud-based Site Information Management Solution for Industrial Applications that can be accessed via Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, and Smartphones.

With Locator Enterprise, multiple users can archive and share site information including Drawings, Digital Photos, Scanned Documents, Manuals, and Device Configuration Files. Locator is built on a Cloud Hosted Database architecture that provides both security and accessibility.

Locator Enterprise can be a cost effective and timely solution for Industrial Site Information Management.

Applications for Locator Enterprise include Oil and Gas, Utilities, Telecommunications and other enterprises that deal with large number of remote sites.

SCADALink Locator Enterprise Cloud Based Location System is a cost effective,versatile platform for companies in the Oil and Gas Production and Services to manage location information.

Locator Enterprise includes coordinate conversion and mapping in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan or Manitoba. It is designed to assist office, field and service personnel to find and manage locations information efficiently. Typical applications include Oil & Gas Operations, Oil & Gas Field Service, Engineering, Agriculture, Forestry and Surveying .

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