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Testimonial for ClearRF booster

The ClearRF WRE2710-S M2M is one of the best cell boosters we have seen.  As a SCADA & Remote Monitoring Solutions company, we run into low cell signal strength issues on numerous occasions.  The ClearRF booster has become our go-to solution due to its Passive Bypass Technology, variable input power requirement (8-32 Volts DC) and compact form factor.  Compared to similar products on the market, the ClearRF booster consistently provided an additional dBm gain, and was more stable in terms of data speeds.  We will continue to use the ClearRF M2M booster in our industrial applications and highly recommend the ClearRF line of products.

Harry Singh, SCADA Engineer – Bentek Systems Ltd

Bentek Field Service - ClearRF booster