Innovative and Experienced

Bentek Systems is a company dedicated to the design and manufacturing of innovative Industrial Wireless SCADA, Water Automation Systems and Telemetry Solutions. The Head Office and Manufacturing Facility is based in Calgary, Alberta.  Bentek Systems is a global company offering complete solutions to various industries worldwide including Oil and Gas, Pipelines, Water Systems, Mining and Manufacturing.

Since 1988, Bentek Systems has provided SCADA, Automation and Remote Monitoring Solutions to over 10,000 remote sites.


Our Clients

Bentek Systems counts among its customers some of the largest companies in each sector as listed below.


SCADALink, Bentek Systems’ line of SCADA & Automation products, is used world-wide in a broad range of industries.

SCADALink Products

The SCADALink line includes integrated RTU/Radio modems, Cellular and Internet enabled RTU/Radio modems, Wireless Ethernet Radios, Serial Ethernet Gateways, Wireless I/O Telemetry, Solar Powered RTU Systems, Alarm Callout Systems, and Protocol Converters.



We produce a number of complete SCADA solutions including Oilfield RTU Packages, Solar Powered SCADA systems, PUMPLink control packages and solution-specific custom panel packages.



Bentek Systems is a leading provider in SCADA communication technologies. Our experience in the field ensures that customer expectations are met with quality services.

Bentek Systems Services

Our field service personnel include technicians and engineers trained in RF/Wireless Communications, Computers, Electronics, Electrical, and Instrumentation technologies. A full list of our services can be found here.