Wireless Sensor Nodes for Groundwater Monitoring

Battery Powered Wireless Sensor Nodes were used in recent Groundwater Monitoring Project. In this application 7 Wireless Sensor Nodes were used to communicate a single Wireless Gateway Hub which communicated to the SCADALink SCADA host via cellular communications.

Each one of Wireless Sensor Nodes as shown can communicate to a Central Wireless Gateway Hub up to 1 mile away. Repeaters can extend the distance up to 4 miles. Use of Multiple Repeaters can cover wide rea.

Wireless Sensor Nodes allow rapid deployment without trenching.  The Wireless Sensors Nodes communicating to a central hub allows cost effective deployment as only a single node requires cellular or satellite service.

The Wireless Sensors Nodes can interface to Analog (4-20ma, 1-5V) or Digital (Modbus, Hart) sensors.

Groundwater-Sensor Node-001


Groundwater-Sensor Node-002   Groundwater-Sensor Node-003


Groundwater-Sensor Node-004