Diesel Pumps are commonly used for Dewatering and Water Transfer Applications since many of these sites do not have ready access to line power.

24/7 Operation Pump Systems can be labor intensive and expensive since many of these systems operate in remote and harsh environments. Operators are required to monitor the health of pump system and to startup and restart pump systems. Automation of Diesel Pump Systems can lead to improved personnel and operational safety and reduced operational costs.

Full Automation of diesel pumps systems has been limited due to the integration challenges related to the wide range of diesel pumps utilized in industry.  The SCADALink PumpMate has changed this as it has been designed address this challenge.  PumpMate has been designed to support a wide range of Diesel Pumps.

Automatic Control / Diesel Pump Automation

SCADALink PumpMate offers the following:

  • Level Control
  • Flow Control
  • Inlet Pressure Control with Pressure Override
  • Outlet Pressure Control
  • Leak Detection
  • Pump Sequencing/Interlock

Remote Control

  • Remote Shutdown / Emergency Shutdown
  • Remote Pump Speed Control
  • Remote Monitoring / Alarming
  • Remote Start/Stop

Wireless Communications via Satellite, Radio, and Cellular

PumpMate offers integrates communication via Radio, Cellular, and Satellite to insure that Diesel Pumps located in the most remote areas can have communications.