FieldMesh for Remote Connectivity

FieldMesh is designed to provide rapid deployed WAN connectivity for remote industrial field sites. WAN can be extended from existing plant or field office sites; or it can be extended from high speed network point of access from local ISP.

FieldMesh Technology

FieldMesh makes use of high speed WiFi mesh network technology to provide  multipoint layer 2 bridging.  FieldMesh technology is simple to deploy and features automatic configuration and self healing. The use of mesh nodes, allows installation of strategically located repeaters,  to minimize the need  for large radio towers. FieldMesh’s cloud based network administration makes it easy to monitor and maintain a mesh network anywhere.

Temporary Installations

For temporary installations such as required at drilling and fracking operations, FieldMesh can enable low cost and rapidy deployed high speed data links by providing a link to existing high speed infrastructure. In temporary installations in rugged terrain, FieldMesh can be used to allow positioning  of Internet/WAN Connectivity Points where there is reliable Cellular/Satellite or Microwave signal paths.

Permanent Installations

For permanent installations, FieldMesh can be used to minimize the need for large radio towers.  Intermediate field sites can be employed as repeater sites as well as a subscriber nodes. In this manner FieldMesh  can provide cost effective field wide network connectivity.  For critical communications, FieldMesh can be used as backup to customer’s or service provider’s existing wireless WAN infrastructure.

Mesh Repeaters

FieldMesh Radios

FieldMesh uses the same  transceivers at all nodes, allowing minimum equipment spares.  FieldMesh nodes are compact, rugged, weatherproof, and are powered by Power Over Ethernet (POE), allowing FieldMesh radios to be easily installed adjacent to the antenna on top of the tower or mast minimizing cable loses and installation costs. FieldMesh is remotely and network configurable minimizing support costs.

Solar Powered FieldMesh Nodes

Compact portable solar powered FieldMesh nodes can be rapidly deployed to  provide high speed last-mile connectivity to sites. Linked FieldMesh nodes can be used traverse difficult terrain. Compact size allow installation by technicians from small trucks, SUV, Quad, tracked vehicles, snow mobile, or helicopter.  Solar FieldMesh nodes are ideal for emergency or temporary data links. Solar FieldMesh can provided with omni-directional antenna when rapid deployment and no antenna pointing is required.  Directional antennas can be used to extended range. For semi permanent installations in remote locations without power, solar FieldMesh Nodes can be provided with high level of autonomy to ensure high availability.

Portable Repeater with Omni Antenna and Solar Power       YAGI Antenna Repeater with Solar        2 Directional Antenna Repeater with Solar


FieldMesh Nodes with Portable Towers

Larger trailer mount portable towers can be employed for FieldMesh nodes where additonal height is required to clear terrain and foilage.  In permanent applications,  Portable towers  can be used until  permanent towers can be installed.





  • Drilling
  • Fracking Operations
  • Oilfield Construction Sites
  • Emergency Voice/Data Links
  • VOIP Telelephone Links to Remote Areas
  • Temporary Construction Camps
  • LAN/WAN Extension to Field Offices