The SCADALink PumpMate Control System is a modular self contained Pump Control System that can be expanded from a one to 20 nodes. A PumpMate system consists of a Single  Master Pump Node Panel and 19 additional Pump/Meter Nodes Panels.

A PumpMate Node consists of a PLC System with Touchscreen Interface with  License Free Wireless Communications designed and pre-configured for flexible modular control of Pump Strings. The PumpMate system can be completely field configured via menus on the color touchscreen HMI.

Once properly configured, the complete Pumping System can be controlled from any the the PumpMate Nodes.

Each PumpMate Node can configured to connect to a VFD Driven Pump, or Diesel Engine Driven Pump, or used strictly as a Metering Node. Each PumpMate Node allows  remote Starting/Stopping of Pump, ESD the Pump System, and Changing the Pump Speeds; and Monitoring of Pumping Operations including Run Status, Inlet/Outlet Pressures, Outlet Temperature, Outlet Flow, and 3 Auxiliary Flows and Levels.  Each Pump can be interlocked to any Pump in the System.

License Free Wireless Communications Technology is used in the PumpMate system to connect the Remote PumpMate Nodes.

It is recommended that a  PumpMate Master Node be located at the first inlet pump, or at a central site with the most stable power source.

The PumpMate System can be connected to WAN/Internet via a Gateway to allow SatSCADA or third Party SCADA System to Access to monitor a complete PumpMate Network.

SAT & Cell PumpMate System


Pumping System

AC Powered Pump


Diesel Powered Remote Pump