Solar Power has been traditionally been used for DC power loads at remote sites. For larger loads at remote sites without low sunlight, TEG were deployed.  Until more recent development with fuel cells and generators such as the PowerGen, it was difficult to reliable power higher power loads.

For Remote Site Power Applications requiring more significant 24VDC (and 120VAC) loads, the PowerGen Series can be used to provide power from Propane, Natural Gas, or from Produced Natural Gas.  The PowerGen 5650 produces 5600W and PowerGen 1200 produces 1200W of continuous power.

Due to the high efficiency of the PowerGen technology compared to other generator technologies 30% vs 6% for TEG,  a PowerGen can generate more power from a comparable sized TEG.  The higher efficiency and higher power means low cycle times, and lower fueling costs. In addition, the PowerGen can utilize Propane, Natural Gas, and Wellhead Gas ensuring ready fuel availability; and higher reliability versus other fuel cell technologies.


Use in Hybrid Remote Power Systems

The PowerGen can be used in Hybrid Power Systems for Critical Applications. Solar can still be used to provide the majority of the power source. The PowerGen is used in periods of low sunlight and cold temperatures. This can be the case of Northerly locations.





For critical remote sites applications, that have larger loads PowerGen.

This includes applications such as:

  • Telecommunications Tower/Repeater Sites
  • Video Surviaellance
  • Pipeline Block Valve Sites
  • Well PADS
  • Remote Oil Batteries
  • Railway Signal and Track Heater Sites