• Masts and Mounting BracketsMasts and Mounting Brackets for industrial applications.


Antenna Masts and Building Mounting Brackets

Antenna masts and building mounting brackets can be invaluable in raising antennas above obstructions to increase RF signal.

Masts can be mounted on unistrut or attached to sides of buildings using BM1 building mounts.

Antenna Masts

20’ 1.5” SCHED 80 Aluminum Antenna Masts are used to mount Omni and YAGI antennas to elevate it above above obstructions such as buildings and trees. For additional height, a 35′ Pipe Antenna Mast is available.

Masts can be mounted with unistrut, on BM1 building mounts; or on ST2 2″ Stanchions.

Mast Mounted onto the Sides of Building  Antenna and Mast with Solar Power

BM1 Building Mounts

BM1 Antenna Mast Building Mounts can be used to mount antenna mast to a building with an overhanging roof or other obstructions.

Use of these mounts can eliminate the need to cut a hole through roof overhangs or to field fabricate mounting brackets.

Mounts are supplied with 18” 1-5/8″ 12ga. Aluminum Unistrut, and clamps for 1.5” mast.  A minimum of 2 mounts required.

Mounting Bracket    BracketBM01-04BM1 Dimensions


ST2 Stanchion

The ST2 Stanchion can be used to mount a  1.5″ SCHED 80 Aluminum Mast up to 20′ high.  The aluminum ST2 can be easily fastened to a pile cap, concrete ballast,  wooden rig mat,  steel floor, or portable unistrut stand base.


PIV1  Antenna Mast Pivot Mount

The PIV1 Pivot Mount is designed to mount 1.5 inch and 2 inch Pipe Masts and assist in the raising and lowering of antenna masts. The PIV1 is designed to mount on unistrut. A PIV1 can be used to mount 1.5″ and 2″ SCHED 80 Pipe Masts.

Pivot Base       BM1-02



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