Wilson Cellular Amplifiers: Increase Cell Range and Download Speed

Cellular amplifiers are invaluable for improving cell range and increasing download speeds for cellular products. There are two types of cell amplifiers: the Inline Amplifier and the In-Building Amplifier.

Inline Amplifiers

Dual band in-line cellular amplifiers can be used with cellular modems to improve signal at remote sites and insure maximum upload and download speeds. Inline amplifiers are typically installed in between a cellular device and an external antenna, using cables directly connected to the antenna port of the cellular device. They are especially useful when installed in vehicles or at a remote site where a single cellular unit is installed.

In-Building Amplifiers

In-Building Cellular Amplifiers are used to improve cellular phone and cellular card receptions in buildings. Instead of using a direct connection, a cellular dome antenna is mounted within the building and picks up the signals of the cellular units used by the people within. There is no need to hook up an external wire! The signals received by the antenna in the building are then sent through a cable, through a cellular amplifier, and are pushed to a cellular antenna mounted outside the building.


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