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SCADALink DB9 RS232 Serial Cable  — Wiring Details

SCADALink devices including the IP100, DC100, SS10, SS20, TISC-485, 485HUB,  & SPL4 have Terminal Block connections which connect to flying lead cables. Bentek Systems can provide standardized pre-made DB9 RS232 cables for connecting SCADALink Devices to DCE (modem), and DTE (PC, PLC, RTU) devices with DB9 connectors. These cables are made with standardized color conventions (TX, RX, & GND) connections to ensure simple wiring and minimize field time making custom cables.


SCADALink to DCE Cable
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DB9-Male Terminal Block Connector



SCADALink to DTE Cable
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DB9-Female Terminal Block Connector



Y Cable to Expand SPL3 Ports
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