Telescopic antenna mast

Antenna height is important to provide a clear RF path in wireless systems for voice or data communications. Telescopic antenna mast can enable easy, rapid and safe deployment for both fixed and mobile applications. SCADALink TELE40 Masts can provide antenna height for Licensed, Unlicensed (900 Mhz), WiFi,  Cellular, and Satellite communications applications.

The SCADALink TELE40 Masts constructed of strong lightweight aluminum can be easily mounted on mobile equipment or buildings.

A 40′ Telescopic Antenna Mast with 7 dB 900 Mhz Omni Antenna

Telescopic Antenna Mast

B 40′ Telescopic Antenna Mast shown in Retracted Position

Telescopic Antenna Mast Telescopic Antenna Mast

C 40′ Telescopic Antenna Mast Easily Deployed by One Man

Easy up antenna mast Easy up antenna mast

Telescopic Antenna Mast

D Telescopic Antenna Mast Clears Obstructions

Telescopic Antenna Mast  Telescopic Antenna Mast

D 40′ Telescopic Mast Being Extended

Easy up antenna mast Easy up antenna mast Easy up antenna mast Easy up antenna mast


Antenna Masts and Building Mounting Brackets