• Protalk Alarm DialersRugged, industrialized Alarm Dialer for use on cellular networks.


Protalk Series: Alarm Dialers / Alarm Callout Systems

Protalk CV3

Whether you wish to measure temperature, voltage, humidity, tank levels or detect the presence of liquids, smoke or motion, the Cv3 accepts a wide variety of sensors that can be configured to monitor and report immediately when values are outside of the normal range. You are always connected and in control with the Cv3. With the touch of a button from any touch-tone phone, you can acknowledge voice alarm messages, control relay outputs, interrogate the status of any sensor input, and make programming changes. As an added convenience, SMS text messages can be sent directly to your cell phone. New wiring and configuration software makes installation and set-up quick and easy!

Protalk CV2 more…

NOTE: This item is no longer available. Please see the Protalk CV3 above.

Protalk Plus

The Protalk Plus is a rugged, industrialized Alarm Dialer that connects to a regular RJ-11 phone line. To setup the Protalk Plus to monitor a remote site:

  • Connect digital alarm inputs
  • Record voice alarm messages
  • Set phone numbers

When an alarm occurs, the ProTalk Plus automatically dials the callout numbers in its directories, and annunciates the alarm in a clear, toll-quality recorded voice. The user can then acknowledge the alarm via touch tone keys. If an acknowledge code is not received, the Protalk Plus keeps dialing through its stored list of telephone or pager numbers until the alarm is acknowledged. All input and output status can then be interrogated so that the appropriate action can be taken. Relays can also be operated remotely by entering codes from your telephone.

Features & Specs



  • Integrated Cellular Module with Voice and SMS Text capabilities
  • Radio Port can be used in two-way radio or Public Address Systems
  • Event Logging records all activities within the alarm reporting unit
  • Low Power Mode reduces current consumption when idle; ideal for solar applications
  • Health Check confirms its working status by sending an SMS text at user defined intervals
  • Optional internal battery backup


  • Display
    • Indicator LED’s and connector markings
  • Alarm Inputs
    • 10 inputs; configured as Digital or Analog (0-5 VDC, 0-30 VDC and 4 – 20 mA loops)
    • 2 Internal Alarm Points (Power Fail and System Alarm)
    • Plug-in screw terminal block accepts AWG 26 to 12 wire
  • Relay Outputs
    • Contact Rating: 2 A / 30 VDC
    • Plug-in screw terminal block accepts AWG 26 to 12 wire
    • 2 programmable contact terminals
  • Program Ports
    • DB9, RS232 serial – used for programming, code updating and monitoring unit status
    • USB – Equivalent functions as DB9
    • Telset – RJ11 connects to DTMF capable phone for voice recording and programming

Protalk Plus Features

  • 8 optically isolated digital inputs.
  • 4 DTMF controlled form C relay outputs.
  • RJ11: tone or pulse phone interface for dialing, voice recording & programming.
  • Optional RS-232 programming interface.
  • 4 callout directories.
  • 16 phone numbers per directory.
  • 4 different shifts can be programmed, allowing for alternating personnel to be notified based on the time of day.
  • Relays can be activated automatically when inputs are energized, or activated manually for optimum control.
  • Unique site identification.
  • Full-length, user-recordable messages for each input and output.
  • Alarms can be announced over: radio, telephone, pager, or public address system.
  • Remote interrogation of status of inputs and outputs.
  • Optional expansion from basic 8 digital alarm inputs and 4 relay outputs up to 64 digital inputs and 32 outputs.
  • Industrial Temp: -40°C to +60°C.
  • Coded tones along with voice message can activate relays or annunciator panels.
  • Master capability to concentrate alarms from other remote B1290s.
  • Wide Input Power: 11.5 to 28VDC.
  • Easy to read status indicators and removable terminal blocks.





Alarm Callout Systems can be used in a wide range of industrial applications including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Environmental
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Utilities
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing



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