• SCADALink TISC-485 Industrial DIN-Rail Mounted Optically Isolated
    RS232 to RS485 Converter, Class I Div 2.


The SCADALink TISC-485 is an isolated DIN Rail Mount RS232 to RS485 Converter designed for industrial application. It features both RS232 and USB Input and isolated RS485 and RS232 outputs.

The TISC-485 has the following features:

  • USB and RS232 Input
  • RS232 and RS485 Outputs
  • Terminal Block Connections
  • Isolated Outputs
  • USB Override

SCADALink TISC-485_Web


Simultaneous Isolated RS485 and RS232 Outputs

Allows flexibility in SCADA Installations where both RS-485 and RS-232 instruments need to be interfaced without adding extra converters or serial splitters.  The RS485 and RS232 ports are wired OR’ed. Isolated Outputs prevent ground loops.

SCADALink TISC-485_Web_RS232RS485Output

RS232 / RS485 Connections on Terminal Blocks

Terminal Block connections allow simple solderless field wiring by field and shop staff and allow the use of industrial cable and wire gauges from 12-30 AWG.

SCADALink TISC-485_Web_TerminalBlockConnection


USB Input & LOI Override Function

The USB LOI override function allows dedicated access to the RS-485 multi-drop bus when the USB is connected. This allows a Technician maintenance access to the connected RS-485 devices without disconnecting field wiring. The USB connection also allows technicians to perform maintenance tasks using modern laptops which lack physical serial (RS-232) Ports.





Feature & Specs


  • Industrial RS-232 to RS-485 Converter
  • USB Input Port – USB Override
  • Terminal Block Field Connections
  • DIN Rail Mount


Input Power10 to 30 VDC – 200mA Max, 1W Avg
Baud Rate1200 – 115,200 (Selectable)
Input (COM1)
RS-232:Tx, Rx, GND, RTS (Screw Terminals)
USB:Standard USB B-Type (Drivers)
Output (COM2)
RS-232: Tx, Rx, GND, RTS (Screw Terminals)
RS-485:2-Wire or 4 Wire (Selectable)
Termination 120 Ohms (Selectable)
Mounting35mm DIN-rail
Dimensions99m(L) x 23mm(W) x 116mm(H)
Temperature -40 to 70C
CertificationClass I Div 2, Group C, D T3C Suitable for Use in Class 1 Zone 2, IIB T3C







Connect to Flow Computers and Smart Instruments with RS485 Connections

Use TISC-485 to connect devices with RS485 connectivity to SCADA or Master Controller. USB override function allows programming and maintenance of devices without disconnection.

TISC_EFMTISC_Cameron Scanner 2000Fisher_ROC


Connectivity for Long Multidrop RS485 Runs, Multidrop EFM and Smart Instruments

Isolated RS485 prevents grounding issues and protects plant equipment for lightning surges.

SatSCADA_Water System   TISC--flow-computer-field


Wellsite SCADA Installations, Multi-Well Pad Instrumentation and Plant Instrumentation










TISC-485 Datasheet







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