SCADALink SCADASwitch SS10: Modbus Multiplexer / RS-232 Switch

The SCADASwitch SS10 is a datacom interface device for SCADA & industrial control applications where Modbus Multiplexing, RS232 Switching, RS485 Conversion and/or Radio Keying is required.

The SCADASwitch has two RS232 input ports and an RS232/RS485 output. With low power draw, small size, DIN rail mounting, and Class I Div 2 rating it is ideal for use in remote EFM/RTU applications.

See also  SS20 for Modbus Multiplexer with Opto Isolation

Modbus Multiplexing Mode

Allows 2 SCADA Hosts to share single port of an RTU/EFM device. Works for other requests/response protocols (ie. Modbus, Fisher ROC).



RS232 Switch Mode

Allows a configuration computer to connect to an RTU/EFM device without the need to disconnect the SCADA Host.



Modbus Address Translation

Translates Modbus address on Input Port to a different address on Output Port. This feature is useful when the same RTU exists on 2 different SCADA networks and is addressed with different Modbus address on each network.



Modbus Register Write Blocking

Prevent Modbus Writes to PLC/RTU/EFM on a specific Input Port. This feature can be used to grant Read-Only access to a third party SCADA host.



RS232 Radio Keying

Allows an RTU with no handshaking signals to key a radio.



RS485 Conversion

Converts RS-232 to RS-485.



Custom Protocol Conversion

Upon special request, Bentek Systems can develop custom protocol conversion firmware for SCADASwitch (ie. to enable Modbus protocol for specialized devices).


Features & Specs

Features & Specs

  • Two RS232 Input (1 DB9)
  • Simultaneous RS232 & RS485 (2/4 Wire) Output
  • 1200BPS – 115KBPS Baud
  • 10-30VDC Operation
  • Low Current Draw – 6ma @ 12VDC
  • Class I Div 2
  • -40 to 70 C Operation
  • DIN Rail Mount
  • Configuration via RS232 Terminal



  • PLC, RTU, EFM, Power Meter, Data Logger
  • Pipeline SCADA
  • Oil & Gas RTU/EFM SCADA



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