SCADALink SPL4-TB   Class I Div 2, DIN-Rail Mounted 4 Port RS232 Splitter

The SCADALink SPL4-TB is a passive 4 port RS232 Splitter designed for Industrial applications. It enables a number of Multi-dropped Serial Devices to share the same Modem or Master. It is DIN rail mounted and has a Class I Div 2 rating for use in hazardous areas.

Terminal Block Connections

The SPL4-TB is designed for connecting multi-dropped RS232 devices that connect via Terminal Blocks. The SPL4-TB allow connection without making DB9 or DB25  terminated cables. This can be helpful in the field applications. To connect SPL4-TB to DB9 terminated devices you can use DB9M-TB or DB9F-TB  DB9x Terminals Blocks.

For more applications requiring Multiple Master sharing a device or network of devices, see the SCADALink SCADASwitch and SCADALink IP100.

DB9M and Terminal Block Connection on  Input

The Input has DB9M and Terminal Block Connection allowing flexibility. DB9M can connect to Modem with Straight thru cable.  Terminal Block connection can be used to wire to Modem or PLC device or used to connect addition SPL4-TB to expand the number of output ports.

Example Application – RS232 Splitter for Connecting Multiple Rs232 serial devices to a Single Modem or Radio-modem.



Connecting Input to DCE (RTU, PLC) – use Straight thru Connection as Shown

Connecting Input to DTE (PLC, RTU)

The SPL4-TB can bed used to enable single PC / PLC / RTU to poll 4 RS232 devices you can use an RS232 Null Modem Cable on the input side. If the terminal block wiring connectors are used on the input, just switch TX and RX wires.

Connecting Output to DTE (RTU,PLC) – use Straight thru Connection

Connecting Output to DCE (MODEM) – Use Null Modem Connection

Expanding SPL4-TB Splitter to provide 8 Ports, 12 Ports, 16 Ports

Multiple SPL4-TB’s can be connected together in parallel to expand to more than 4 output ports. Multiple Input Port connections on the SPL4-TB  enable ease of expandability. An additional SPL4-TB can be wired in parallel by wiring its input port in parallel.


Features & Specs

Features & Specs

  • 4 Port RS232 Splitter
  • 1 Master Port (TB & DB9M-DTE)
  • 4 Slave Ports (TB)
  • Supports Baud rates up to 115200; no configuration required
  • Supports RTS Handshaking for Keying Radio or Modem
  • Class I Div 2 Certified for Hazardous Locations
  • DIN Rail mount Package
  • Dimension: L 1.82 x W 3.21 x H 1.55
  • Passive; No Power Required
  • RS232 Outputs Expandable by Paralleling SPL4-TB (4,8,12,16 … Ports).








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