Fisher ROC / FloBoss

FloBoss Gas Flow Computers meet AGA and API requirements for gas flow measurement in single and multi-run applications.

Manually gathering and integrating charts is time consuming, labor intensive and costly. Electronic retrieval of gas flow data either locally or remotely is fast, convenient and inexpensive.

Lower accuracy, off-chart readings, inking problems, and malfunctions mean greater lost and unaccounted gas. The FloBoss delivers higher accuracy and eliminates chart problems. The result: less lost and unaccounted gas.

Bentek Systems provides flow computers for differential-pressure metering of natural gas. Housed in a compact enclosure, the flow computers that we supply are designed for Class I Division 1 hazardous areas.

Features & Specs

Features & Specs

  • AGA Flow Calculations
  • Historical Databases
  • Event and Alarm Logs
  • Data Security
  • Embedded Communications
  • Spontaneous Report-by-Exception (SRBX) Host Communication
  • Pass-Through Communication
  • Closed-loop PID Control
  • Logic and Sequencing Control
  • ROCLINK 800 Configuration Interface

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Bentek Systems' SCADASwitch allows the operator to simultaneously access the FloBoss / ROC with a Master through one serial port.