• SCADALink 900MBModbus compatible wireless RTU/Radio Modem integrating a spread spectrum radiomodem with an RTU.


SCADALink 900MB: Modular Wireless I/O SCADA System

NOTE: This item is no longer for sale for new systems. Bentek will continue to support customers with existing 900MBs. Please go to our next generation replacement product, the RIO900. The SCADALink 900-MB Wireless RTU / Radiomodem is a unique communications controller which integrates radio and control system technology into the same compact unit. Featuring a license-free spread spectrum radiomodem, Modbus compatible I/O and RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces, no other equipment is necessary for monitoring/controlling a small number of remote I/O points. The 900-MB’s built-in serial interfaces ensures easy future upgrade to PLC’s or RTU’s.

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Features & Specs

  • License Free 902-928 Mhz Spread Spectrum Radiomodem
  • Integrated RTU with Modbus Compatible I/O
  • 4 AI/DI, 4 DO
  • Built-In RS-232 & RS-485 Ports
  • 1 Watt Frequency Hopping
  • Secure Factory-configured Hop Sequence
  • Full Duplex Communication from 1200-9600 BPS
  • Point-to-Multipoint SCADA mode
  • Wireless I/O (End-to-End I/O Telemetry) mode
  • Compact Size: 5” L x 3.75” W x 1.5” D
  • Wide Voltage Range: 9 – 26 VDC
  • Range > 15 miles
  • Industrial Temperature Range: -40°c to +60°C
  • SCADALink 900-MB Applications

I/O Flexibility is ensured by the built-in RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces. A remote site may initially require only a small number of I/O points which could be handled by the 900-MB’s integrated Modbus compatible I/O. If additional future I/O is required, a PLC or RTU can later be easily connected to one of the 900MB’s serial interfaces. Using the 900-MB ensures a cost-effective solution that will both meet the present requirement and allow for easy future upgrade if necessary. The 900-MB can be configured in 2 modes, Point-multipoint (Wireless SCADA) or Wireless I/O (End to end I/O telemetry). Point-multipoint mode allows a master to poll multiple remote sites while Wireless I/O (End to end I/O Telemetry) mode allows two 900-MB’s to replace a multiconductor cable.



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