• SCADALink UNICON IPModbus compatible wireless RTU/Radio Modem integrating a spread spectrum radiomodem with an RTU.


SCADALink UNICON IP: Wireless Internet Enabled RTU / Modem

NOTE: This item is no longer for sale for new systems. Bentek will continue to support customers with existing UNICON IP. Please go to our next generation replacement product, the IP100.

The SCADALink UNICON IP is a wireless IP enabled modem / RTU which integrates modem, RTU, alarm dialer and Modbus Multiplexer into a single device and allows wireless Internet communications to PLC’s, RTU’s, PC’s or other SCADA equipment The UNICON IP’s flexibility gives it scalability.

From Standalone Alarm Systems to Wide Area SCADA Networks, the UNICON IP combines internet and cellular network technology to enable wireless communication to remote SCADA equipment via CDPD or IDEN wireless networks.

For remote sites having cellular coverage, the highly integrated UNICON IP is the ideal Internet SCADA solution. For applications with small I/O requirements, the UNICON IP is the only equipment needed at the remote site. For coverage maps, go to the coverage map page.

Modem Function (wireline modem version)

The UNICON IP provides IP addressable communications to devices such as PLC’s, RTU’s, flowcomputers, dataloggers, etc…via 1 of its 3 Serial Ports. Supporting TCP and UDP IP communications, transparent serial communication allow protocol independent end-to-end communications from nodes. For those remote sites with only Serial communications requirements, the UNICON IP is also available without I/O or User Interface.

RTU Function

The RTU consists of Analog and Digital Inputs and Outputs. Analog I/O is available as (0-5V or 1-5V) or (0-20mA or 4-20mA). All I/O can be polled via Modbus by SCADA hosts, RTU’s or PLC’s on the public internet or a private intranet via:

  • Modbus TCP
  • Modbus over TCP
  • Modbus over UDP

Alarm Dialer / Email Function

This option can be configured to send out email messages on alarm condition to the list of Cell phone or PC addresses configured in the UNICON IP. Emails can also be configured for reports to be sent out at scheduled times throughout the day.

MODBUS Multiplexer Function

Modbus Multiplexer mode enables multiple Modbus Masters to communicate with the same Modbus Slave devices. The Master device can be local Modbus RTU Masters or remote Modbus TCP Masters via the wireless link.

Configuration for all the above functions can be done locally or remotely via Telnet.

End-To-End I/O Cellular Telemetry Option

The UNICON IP can be ordered with this option to enable End-to-End I/O Telemetry over a cellular network.



Features & Specs

Features & Specs

    • Modem:
    • “Always on ” CDPD or IDEN Cellular Communication to RS-232/RS-485 PLC’s, RTU’s, Flowcomputers, Dataloggers.
    • 3 Serial Ports (1 RS-232 /RS-485 & 2 RS-232) enable multiple protocols over the same device: Modbus / Modbus TCP or Modbus UDP Protocol


    • RTU:
    • 8 AI / DI, 4AO, 4DO (configurable as V or I)
    • I/O addressable by Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP Protocol
    • Optional LCD / Keypad Option


    • MODBUS Multiplexer:
    • supports Local Modbus RTU Masters
    • supports Remote Modbus TCP Masters


  • Alarm Dialer:
  • Alarms via Email & Pages
  • Alarms on hardwired I/O or Polling of Remote Modbus I/O





An example of a high pressure alarm to an email enabled cell phone:
Phone Display

Standalone Alarm Systems:
Standalone Unicon IP operation

Wide Area SCADA Networks:
Unicon IP over WAN







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