• SCADALink SMX900Modular Spread Spectrum Wireless RTU / Modem system supporting Modbus RTU & AB DF1 Protocol.


SCADALink SMX900: Modular Wireless RTU / Modem

NOTE: This item is no longer for sale for new systems. Bentek will continue to support customers with existing SMX900. Please go to our next generation replacement product, the RIO900.

The SMX900 is a compact, rail-mounted license-free radiomodem / RTU operating in the 902-928Mhz ISM band. With expandable Modbus and Allen Bradley DF1 addressable I/O modules, built-in RS-232 / RS-485 / RS-422 and support for up to 254 Slave connections, the user can easily set up complex Point-Multipoint SCADA communication systems. The SMX900 can also operate in End-to-End I/O Telemetry. Each site consists of a transceiver unit along with a maximum of 8 I/O expansion modules. There are 5 types of expansion modules to choose from: AI4, AO4, DI8, DO8, A8D4.


Features & Specs

  • License Free 902-928 MHz Spread Spectrum Radiomodem
  • 20+ Mile Range
  • Modular Expansion to Modbus RTU or Allen Bradley DF1 I/O Modules
  • Multiple Operating Modes: Point-Multipoint (Modbus RTU or AB DF1), I/O Telemetry or Transparent Serial
  • RS-232 / RS-485 / RS-422
  • Configurable as Master, Slave or Repeater
  • Supports up to 254 Slave connections
  • 1200 – 19,200 Baud Data Rate
  • 9-30VDC Operation
  • -40°C to 85°C Operating Temperature
  • DIN Rail Mounted Modules
  • Link Failure Relay
  • Auto routing for Network redundancy and increased reliability
  • See Point-to-Point Version IO-900
  • Dimensions: W 0.88″ x D 3.89″ x H 4.6″

SCADALink I/O Expansion Modules Connected through the I/O Bus:

Bentek Systems’ I/O Modules can be attached to the SMX900 via the I/O bus as shown:

  The following figure shows two I/O expansion modules, the AI4 and the DO8, connected to the SMX900:





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