• SCADALink SMX900Modular Spread Spectrum Wireless RTU / Modem system supporting Modbus RTU & AB DF1 Protocol.


SCADALink SMX900: Modular Wireless RTU / Modem

The SMX900 is a compact, rail-mounted license-free radiomodem / RTU operating in the 902-928Mhz ISM band. With expandable Modbus and Allen Bradley DF1 addressable I/O modules, built-in RS-232 / RS-485 / RS-422 and support for up to 254 Slave connections, the user can easily set up complex Point-Multipoint SCADA communication systems. The SMX900 can also operate in End-to-End I/O Telemetry. Each site consists of a transceiver unit along with a maximum of 8 I/O expansion modules. There are 5 types of expansion modules to choose from: AI4, AO4, DI8, DO8, A8D4.


Features & Specs

  • License Free 902-928 MHz Spread Spectrum Radiomodem
  • 20+ Mile Range
  • Modular Expansion to Modbus RTU or Allen Bradley DF1 I/O Modules
  • Multiple Operating Modes: Point-Multipoint (Modbus RTU or AB DF1), I/O Telemetry or Transparent Serial
  • RS-232 / RS-485 / RS-422
  • Configurable as Master, Slave or Repeater
  • Supports up to 254 Slave connections
  • 1200 – 19,200 Baud Data Rate
  • 9-30VDC Operation
  • -40°C to 85°C Operating Temperature
  • DIN Rail Mounted Modules
  • Link Failure Relay
  • Auto routing for Network redundancy and increased reliability
  • See Point-to-Point Version IO-900
  • Dimensions: W 0.88″ x D 3.89″ x H 4.6″

SCADALink I/O Expansion Modules Connected through the I/O Bus:

Bentek Systems’ I/O Modules can be attached to the SMX900 via the I/O bus as shown:

  The following figure shows two I/O expansion modules, the AI4 and the DO8, connected to the SMX900:





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