• ROAMIO Performer Fuel CellPropane and Natural Gas Fuel Cell designed for Remote Applications


ROAMIO Performer Fuel Cell


ROAMIO Propane and Natural Gas Fuel Cell is designed as a Reliable Remote Power Source for Remote Applications such as: Instrumentation, Telecommunication Sites, Video Surveillance Systems.

Readily Available Fuel Source:

The ROAMIO operates on propane or natural gas. Operating on propane, ROAMIO uses a readily available fuel source that is commonly already used for remote engines and site heating.

High Energy Efficiency:

ROAMIO fuel cells are efficient compared to TEG (about 6-10x more efficient). The ROAMIO features automatic operation, turning on only to recharge batteries to required levels. The effiency and automatic operation features fuel-savings which are important when fuel needs to be replenished in remote locations, often by helicopter, boat, or tracked vehicles. With high efficiency operation, the propane-powered ROAMIO fuels cells offer longer period between refills.

These factors make the ROAMIO ideal solution for remote applications where higher levels of 12 or 24 VDC power is required at sites without ready access to reliable AC power.





Features & Specs

  • 250 Watts
  • 12 VDC or 24 VDC
  • 10.9 kg, nominal
  • L 40cm x W 20cm x H 36cm, typical
  • Propane: 112 grams/hr


Oil and GasSCADA, Instrumentation, Valve Actuators, Chemical Injection Pumps, Cathodic Protection, Video Surveillance, Telecommunications
PipelineSCADA, Valve Actuators, Cathodic Protection, Telecommunications
MiningSCADA, Video Surveillance, Instrumentation
RailwaySignalling, Track Monitoring
TrafficTraffic Lights, Video Surveillance
EnvironmentalRemediation Pumping, Instrumentation, Weather Stations, Analyzers






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