• SCADALink PSC-2412VDC to 24VDC Converter, Class I Div 2, DIN Rail Mount.


SCADALink PSC-24 12VDC to 24VDC Industrial DC-DC Converter

The SCADALink PSC Series of Industrial DC-DC Converters are designed for use in industrial automation and SCADA applications where there is a requirement to supply power to DC-powered equipment that requires 24V.

The SCADALink PSC-24V is a 12VDC to 24VDC DC-DC converter designed for SCADA applications. It can be used to power 24VDC equipment from a 12VDC source. The PSC-24V is commonly used for remote site systems where 24VDC powered instrumentation is required, while the site is powered by 12VDC solar power.

The SCADALink PSC Series is housed in 99mm x 23mm x 116mm DIN-rail mounted package, rated for Class I Div 2 operation, and features -40 to 70 degrees C industrial temperature operation. It is suitable for industrial and SCADA applications where up to 4A of DC power is required.

PSC-24 in Mounted in Control Panel

DIN Rail mounting, compact size, and high efficiency  makes the PSC-24 easy to integrate into new and existing system designs. The following pictures show the PSC-24 used to provide 24 VDC instrumentation loop power in 12 VDC solar powered RTU system.

PSC-24 Panel Installation Example      PSC-24 RTU Panel


PSC-24 Use in 12 VDC Solar Powered RTU Systems to Provide 24 VDC Loop Power

The PSC-24 is commonly used to provide 24 VDC Instrumentation Loop Power in 12 VDC Solar Powered RTU Systems.

PSC-24 Use in 24 VDC UPS and 24 VDC Solar Power Systems to Protect 24 VDC Instrumentation Systems

The PSC-24 generates 24 VDC from 10-30 VDC Input, the PSC-24 can be used in 24VDC UPS and 24 VDC Solar power systems to power 24 VDC Instrumentation and Equipment.  24 VDC UPS and Solar Systems  will exceed 24VDC when charging – typically up to 28 VDC.  This high voltage level can cause problems with equipment such as IS barrier circuitry that limit the 24VDC voltage often resulting in system shutdown due to blown fuses. The PSC-24 can be used to protect sensitive 24 VDC powered equipment.

Features & Specs

Features & Specs

  • Input Voltage: 10 to 30 VDC
  • Output Voltage: 24VDC
  • Output Current: 4A (Subject to de-rating curve shown below)
  • Efficiency: > 85%
  • Mounting: 35mm DIN-rail
  • Dimensions: 99mm x 23mm x 116mm (length, width, height)
  • Temperature: -40 to 70C
  • Certifications: Class I Div 2

Current Output De-Rating







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