• Solaris 3000Off-Grid Solar Hybrid Power Skids


SOLARIS 3000 is a Modular Off-Grid Solar Hybrid Power System designed to provide UPS backed DC (24 / 48 VDC) and AC (120 VAC) power  for critical Remote Oil & Gas, Mining, and Telecommunications Applications. UPS backed power ensures always on reliable operation for critical loads.

SOLARIS 3000 is an off the shelf system designed for rapid site deployment. Factory built and tested , SOLARIS ensures minimum field construction requirements for deployment, ideal for Remote Site applications.

A SOLARIS systems  consists of a SOLARIS 3000 Skid that containing Battery Bank, Solar Charger and Control Electronics and Backup Generator; and Solar Power Array Subsystems.

The SOLARIS 3000 includes SatSCADA Web Portal support, so user’s can monitor the operation of critical power at the Remote Site.

SOLARIS 3000 Skid

All equipment is housed in a rugged 8′ L x 4’W and 6’H Skid on C6 Channel that is designed to be mounted on piles.

PV / Solar Panel Arrays

SOLARIS 3000 utilizes Solar/Photovoltaic (PV) as the Primary Power Source to charge a large DC Battery Bank (24 VDC)  vis Solar Charge Regulator System.

The SOLARIS PV Array Subsystems consist of PV Arrays, Solar Array Mounting, Combiner Panels, and Wiring.  Rugged adjustable mounts on piles ensure optimal solar isolation at any remote locations.

SOLARIS 3000 includes 3000 Watt of Solar Charging.   Additional SOLARIS PV Array Modules are available in Units of 1000 Watts.

Solaris 30000 Solar Chargers

SOLARIS includes efficient MPPT Solar Charge Controllers to charge the battery bank.

Solaris 30000 Inverter /Charger

AC (120/240 VAC) Loads can be powered via SOLARIS  3000’s Inverter system. The Battery Bank is Charged Rapidly by the Charger when the Generator or Utility is Available.

24 VDC Battery Bank

A 24VDC AGM Battery Bank is provide autonomous power. A Battery Bank of up to 1600 Ah at 24 VDC can be provided to provide autonomy.

Integral Propane Generator 

The SOLARIS 3000 includes a Generator system to charge the battery bank during times of higher than normal power loads; or during periods of lower solar insolation such as December and January. The Generator systems autostart as required to maintain battery voltage. SOLARIS 3000 can be supplied with Natural Gas, Diesel, or Gasoline Powered Generators as well.

Solaris 3000 Monitoring and Control

SOLARIS 3000 is supported by SatSCADA Remote Monitoring, a 24/7 Cloud Based online monitoring. portal that provides remote Web Based monitoring and Alarm Notification via Email, and SMS.

Each SOLARIS 3000 skid operation will be monitored including:

  • Battery Bank Status – Voltage, Current, Net Ah, Battery Temperature
  • Solar Regulator Operation – Voltage, Current, and Solar Charging Watts
  • Inverter – Monitor AC and DC Voltages and Current
  • Generator Status – Voltage, Current, Frequency, Generator Run Hours
  • Skid Status (Temperature, GPS Location)

With the SOLARIS 3000 the Generator System can be remotely started and stopped to to test Generator operation.

SOLARIS 3000 can be provisioned with cellular and satellite communications to ensure connectivity even at the most remote sites.



SOLARIS 3000 is ideal for applications where modular remote power is required:

  • Oil and Gas Production
  • Pipeline Valve and Measurement Sites
  • Railway Signaling Systems
  • Telecommunications Sites
  • Remote Facilities
  • Farms/Livestock Production

Modular Power skids enable rapid deployment with reduced construction and installation costs. Skid based systems can be easily moved and relocated.


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