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T-BOX enables the complete integration of SCADA, telemetry, and control functionality in a single, rugged package. Compatibility with a broad array of discrete devices and intelligent end devices, combined with advanced telemetry and Web capabilities, simplifies systems engineering and significantly reduces installed costs.

  • Onboard Web server technology that eliminates complex, costly SCADA software and expensive HMI displays.
  • Advanced programming functions allow program set-up using Ladder or BASIC.
  • Up to 4 communications ports provide flexible connectivity options to field devices and remote systems.
  • Rugged, alloy construction stands up to the harshest environments.
  • Intelligent uninterruptible power supply filters and conditions incoming power and manages standby batteries.
  • Reports and trending charts are generated from the software T-VIEW.
  • Programming via TWinSoft Suite (automation, web editor, report editor).


  • Embedded Internet, Web server, FTP, e-mail
  • Alarm management and intelligent data logging
  • Programmable control
  • Multi-protocol (DNP 3.0, IEC 60870-5, Modbus, TCP/IP, etc.)

Communications Options

  • GE Model – GSM/GPRS
  • PE Model – PSTN modem
  • RE1 Model – 2.4 GHz SS Radio
  • RE2 Model – 900 MHz SS Radio
  • SE Model – Full RS-232
  • E Model – None

All models include the following ports: RS-232 (for local configuration and programming), RS-485 (for field devices), and 10/100 Ethernet (for IP networking).