• Booster Compressor Monitoring


SCADALink SAT100 & SAT110 Satellite Based Booster Compressor Alarm Monitoring

Prompt response to Shutdown of Booster Compressors for Gas Wells is important to minimize production losses. This is especially the case during extreme cold temperatures where restarting of compressors may be difficult.

Frequently Alarm Callout Systems are be deployed on Booster Compressors to monitor and callout operators in case of shutdown.

SCADALink SAT100, & SAT110, Satellite based Alarm Callouts can be a cost effective Alarm Callout solution at sites where there Marginal or No cell overage.  The SAT100 and SAT110 terminals are part of the SatSCADA Platform which provide Satellite Based Communications and Monitoring.

SAT100 Satellite Based Alarm Callout

The SAT100 Alarm Callout with 4 Inputs (AI/DI) can be simply deployed to monitor Booster Compressor. An Engine Oil Pressure Switch Input can be wired to monitor the RUN status of the Compressor. The SAT100-KIT as shown makes a cost effective easy to deploy solution for Alarm Call-outs for Booster Compressors.











SAT110 Battery Powered Alarm Callout

The SAT110 Battery Powered Satellite Alarm Callout with 3 Digital Inputs or Integrated Vibration Sensor may be rapidly deployed for Compressor Monitoring.  When used with the integral Vibration Sensor  to monitor the RUN status of the compressor,  the SAT110  can be deployed without field  wiring. The SAT110 can be placed onto the unit, and secured by the magnetic mounts.



Flexibility – Standalone Operation or Integration Into Existing SCADA Host System

The SatSCADA Platform provides customer flexibility. The SAT100 and SAT110 can be used in standalone operation with callouts by SMS, email, or voice (call center option).  Alternatively the SatSCADA Modbus Proxy allows easy integration with the customer’s SCADA Host.   SatSCADA can also provide standalone callout for site in addition to SCADA host integration.


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