Satellite Based Mobile and Perimeter Gas Detection Systems

SCADALink SAT100 and SAT120 Satellite Modem/RTU systems can be used to connect Mobile and Perimeter Gas Detection Systems used in Oil and Gas Production and Drilling Operations to be connected to SCADA Host Systems, Air Quality/Environmental Monitoring Software, and Gas Detection System Management Software.

Satellite/Cellular Connectivity

Satellite and Satellite/Cellular communications ensures connectivity in very remote areas.  Ubiquitous Connectivity is ideal for mobile applications. Global coverage ensures connectivity in all regions.

Low Power Operation

SAT1xx Systems feature low power operation to allow deployment in Solar and Battery Powered Gas Detection Systems.  SAT1xx Systems cans be powered by external power from the gas detection systems, or supplied with its own power package.  SAT1xx can be operated with replaceable battery systems when used in extreme low power mode with alarm and scheduled reporting.

Class I Div 2 Certified

Systems are certified for use in Hazardous Areas.

RS232 and RS485  Serial Ports

SAT1xx terminals have a RS232 and a RS485 port to allow for connectivity to Gas Detection Systems. The SAT1xx can serve as a Modbus Master or Slave; or as a transparent modem. Used in transparent mode the SAT1xx can pass any request – response protocol such as Modbus RTU or Modbus ASCII.

RTU Function with Modbus Master/Slave and I/O

Master RTU and Slave function allows SatSCADA to interface to gas detection systems and sensors with Modbus RTU protocol. SAT1xx terminals Integrated I/O can be used to connect to alarm outputs of gas detection instruments and systems.

Integrated GPS

The SAT1xx terminals with integrated GPS provides location information useful in mobile and perimeter gas detection operation.

SatSCADA Server Platform – Alarm Callout – Web and Smartphone Interface

SMS/Email and Voice Callout Notification. Web Browser and SmartPhone Interface for Site Status, Trending and Mapping.


SAT100 Terminal more…SAT120 Terminal more…SAT1XX Solar RTU Package
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