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Satellite Based Real Time Water Level Monitoring

SCADALink SAT100 Satellite Based RTU packages and SatSCADA Server can provide real-time water level monitoring to remote applications where terrestrial communications is limited. Satellite based communications and low power operation ensure rapid and cost effective deployment.

SatSCADA Platform provides end to end satellite based remote monitoring including sensor interface, remote power, satellite communications,  and data archival/visualization.

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Flexible Sensor and Data Logger InterfacesLevel Sensor

The SAT100 with 4 I/O and RS232/RS485 communications can connect both to analog water level sensors or serial connected sensors or data loggers. With both I/O and serial communications, the SAT100 can interface to industry standard water level sensors including submersible pressure, ultrasonic, or capacitance via 4-20ma, or Modbus communications.

Daily, Hourly Reporting and Alarms

SAT100 can be configured to report to the SatSCADA Server on a daily, hourly, or interval schedule; alarm condition, or on user demand.

Water levels are updated on configured scheduled, or instantaneously on alarm.

Webpage and Smartphone Access

Users can access the water level data in the SatSCADA Server via a web bser on computer or smartphone for Tag or Trend Views.

Daily Hourly Reporting      Smartphone Access Tag View

SAT100 Water Level RTU with Solar Power

Interface with Existing SCADA Host or Data Acquisition Systems

The SAT100 can be used a pass through data modem for communications from  Data Acquisition System to Data Logger or Sensor.

Customers with existing SCADA hosts can access the remote SAT100 directly or the SatSCADA Server data via a Modbus Proxy.


River and Lake Level Monitoring

   stock-photo-17251662-measurement-freeboard-of-a-big-bridge-in-the-dutch-harbor   stock-photo-8710305-water-gauge

Flow Monitoring

Sat_bridge_waterlevel   stock-photo-3106366-alarming-water-level

Groundwater and Borehole Monitoring

Groundwater_Level Troll  cell_site_with_panel

Flood Warning

Flood Marker   stock-photo-45751246-depth-marker-flood-gauge-in-feet


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