SAT1xx Modems can Provide Redundancy and Increased Reliability

SatSCADA SAT1xx Modems (SAT100, SAT120, & SAT130)  can be used for backup data communications for critical hydrological monitoring sites.  By providing RS232, RS485, and Ethernet Connectivity over satellite and cellular, the SAT1xx platform provides a flexible solution for primary and backup communications to critical remote sites used in hydrological monitoring systems.

SAT1xx Modems operate on the Geosynchronous Inmarsat Satellite Data Network – IsatData Pro and feature ALWAYS ON – TWO WAY Communications that can be used provide redundancy or higher reliability communications to critical sites.

Existing  hydrologic monitoring sites may currently have data communications systems including Cellular or GOES HDR.  Cellular may be unreliable in areas with rugged terrain or in areas with limited cellular overage. Users may require redundancy at critical sites that are difficult to access.  Access to these sites may take many hours of time and involve costly ATV, boat, or helicopter access.  Redundant communications may allow alleviate the need to access site until next scheduled trip.

Two-Way Satellite Communications

SAT1xx modems provide two-way communications allowing on-demand interrogation; remote polling frequency adjustment, and remote control functionality.

GOES satellite communications is a one-way data transmission where a GOES transmitter is assigned a specific transmit window. It cannot  be commanded to transmit on demand; the polling frequency cannot be changed remotely, and there are no remote control capabilities.

During emergency situations such as flood events, a more rapid reporting frequency may be desireable. With the SAT1xx, polling rate can be changed as per operational requirements or the RTU or data logger system can be polled on demand.inmarsat-coverage-map

Remote Control function such of valve or gate actuation is possible with 2-Way communications.  In addito, SAT1xx Modem with integral I/O  can be used to remotely reboot of data loggers or wireless modems if required.

Redundant Communications Paths & Backup Data Link

SAT1xx Modems offer a completely independent alternative communications path for  critical hydrologic monitoring sites, in the case of outages with the primary network. Outages from the primary data network could be caused by satellite problems, ground  station problems, backhaul network, or server issues.

Low Latency

Maximum end to end latency for SAT1xx modems is approximately 40 seconds.

This latency is low compared to maximum latency of LEO based systems since there are no periods where the satellite is out of view.

Data communications on the GOES network only allows scheduled transmission windows – typically daily or hourly windows. In comparison, the SAT1xx can transmit at ANY time. This feature is important for systems operation requiring ALARMS and ON-DEMAND requests.

Rapid  Deployment and Access to All

SatSCADA air time is available at any time to all parties including Government, Companies, and Individuals on a Subscription Basis. SAT1xx Modems can be activated  and used immediately.

In comparison, GOES HDR operation is available only to Government Agencies or Sponsored Users. To use GOES, the organization has to be an Eligible User, and Acquire Permission to get on the GOES system. The cycle time for provisioning GOES deployment may be weeks or months.

For hydrology applications operated by private or public companies; and non-governmental agencies, SatSCADA running on the IsatData Pro offers instant access satellite link. Even for government agencies already using GOES; SatSCADA can offer rapid deployment of monitoring systems, without the inherent of delay of obtaining permission and coordination of GOES based data transmission.

Ease of Use

SatSCADA SAT1xx Modem Systems are based on modern IP type Modem communications equipment and as a result are very easy to learn and used.

Independent Data Visualization Options

SatSCADA Platform includes an integrated web based data visualization component that can be of utility for many applications. The data visualization allows monitoring of remote data loggers independent of the primary system.

This can ensures rapid system deployment and access in many applications.

SatSCADA Web Client- Trend View Example  Web Client - Remote Tank Monitoring - Map View  Web Client Tag Example  alarmcallout device  web client - PumpMate - Alarm Summary




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