Satellite Based Real-Time Groundwater Monitoring 

The SAT100 Kit is designed as a preconfigured and tested, easy-to-install kit for Remote Groundwater and Borehole Monitoring. The SAT100 kits including SAT100 Satellite Modem RTU, Solar Panels, Battery, Weatherproof Enclosure, and Well Casing Mount.

The SAT100 can interface to Industry Standard 4-20ma Level Sensors or RS485 Modbus Based Submersible Level Sensors provided by the client; or supplied complete with Level sensors.

Quick disconnects or strain reliefs can be provided as required to interface to the selected Level sensors.

The SAT100 combines low power operation with global satellite communication to ensure real time reporting at programmed intervals.  The SAT100 with GPS time stamped reporting ensures correct time stamping of data.

The SCADALink SatSCADA Server provides web/smartphone access to real time and historical site data. The SatSCADA server provides an easy Modbus  interface to clients SCADA hosts.

The SAT100 Groundwater Kit ensures trouble-free rapid deployment and operation  in even the most remote sites.

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Flexible Sensor InterfacesGroundwater_Level_Sensor

The SAT100 with 4 I/O and RS232/RS485 communications can connect both to analog water level sensors or serial connected sensors or data loggers. With both I/O and serial communications, the SAT100 can interface to industry standard water level sensors including via 4-20ma, or Modbus protocol.

Daily, Hourly Reporting and Alarms

SAT100 can be configured to report to the SatSCADA Server on a daily, hourly, or interval schedule;  alarm condition, or on user demand.

Groundwater levels are updated on configured schedule, or instantaneously on alarm conditions.

Webpage and Smartphone Access

Users can access the groundwater level via a web browser on a computer or smartphone using the Tag or Trend Views.

Daily Hourly Reporting    water tag view



Interface with Existing SCADA Host or Data Acquistion Systems

Customers with existing SCADA hosts can access the remote SAT100 directly or through the SatSCADA Server via the Modbus Proxy.


Groundwater and Borehole Monitoring



Cost Savings

The benefit of Real-time Groundwater Monitoring is that it eliminates trips to the remote site to download groundwater data. This results in significant labor and travel costs.

Increase Data Availability and Reliability

Real-time groundwater level monitoring improves data availability. Constant monitoring of groundwater levels and site voltage levels ensures that equipment is fully functioning.

Timely Data

Real-time monitoring provides groundwater data which can be acted on and reported in a timely manner.

Increased Safety

Real time monitoring can reduce the need for regular access to difficult to access remote sites. Many remote sites can only be accessed via helicopter, ATV, or boat depending on the season.



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